When I got home from school my mom and dad said we were going out on our boat. My sister and I got ready to go to the on our boat. We got our bathing suits, got our beach towels,then we were ready to go. My parents put my hat on the table,and I asked,why was that hat on the table? They said I might need it. Then we went to the docks loaded up our boat, and went out for 4 hours then went back home.

The weekend

  Over the weekend I excitedly rode my electric scooter around my neighborhood. As I made the transparent air blow against me. When I continued to ride my scooter around my neighborhood I realized that,I might be late for dinner because it was getting really late.

 A bit later I realized when I got home my parents were just finishing dinner. After I finished my slice of pizza I rose from my chair and went to play fortnite on my PS4.


My family and I went to a beach and were walking along the beach side so we could find the perfect place to set up. We found the perfect place to set up on the shoreline. We went into the water to see if the water was too hot or too cold,we said it was just right. After we were dried off we were taking a walk on the beach and saw some sort of anchor in a red circle. My family and me were confused why it was there so we ignored it and did not step in the red circle.


On friday at dinner my parents said over smelling the melted butter lets go to a zoo. Me and my sister said yes as my mom put salt on the french fries. The next day we went to the zoo and my sister was excited about the giraffe that was there with the brown spots. Then we went to the snack bar and saw pizza but it was greasy so we went back home and made a pizza for us.

The mansion

When I  was being drove home from school I saw a mansion that looked like nobody was living in it, so I ask my dad if we can look at it and he says yes. When we walk in we see a candy bar a staircase that leads upstairs but we continue to look on the first floor. After a bit we go up stairs and look down on the 1st floor and I say we should go home. He says we should and we get ready to go home. Then we get back in the car and go home.


On a regular day it was the best day ever! I got a 100% on my math first try. Then in ela I took another test and I got a 100% again. I felt so lucky that in science I was going to get everything right. In science we had to examine a box but we can not look inside. Everyone thought something was inside because of how heavy it was so. Then the teacher told us we could look inside but it was empty. What a surprise! We all got the question wrong.

Music at home

I was practicing on my recorder for my brown belt test. All of a sudden my sister grabs my kazoo and starts playing, and it was completely out of tune. So I stopped practicing and changed my notes so she was completely in tune so she would have fun. Then when she left I continued to practice on my recorder for my brown belt test. Then she came back and said that she wants to perform in front of my mom and dad. So I replied to her we could but we need to practice. So we did and wowed our mom and dad.

The sleepover

I was sleeping over at a friends house and we partied all night. It was so fun, we got to play on his nintendo switch, PS4, and his Xbox. We stopped at 1am so we could get some sleep. At 6:30 am I woke up. I looked at Jeff and he was rolling around so I got up and turned the lights on. Jeff woke up because the light blinded him. After that we played more video games and ate breakfast.


When my sister opened her first present she saw a ornement. In her second present she found a mistletoe. A few presents later she found a ice skating ticket. She got a phone and played it for 13 hours. A bit later she went ice skating for a hour. When she was going to go to sleep but some stars keep her awake for a hour, then she fell asleep. When she woke up she played on or with her new toys for the rest of the day.


When I was playing fortnite my dad told me I was on TV so we seemed to be on the television until we knew it was not us because they looked completely different than us, so then I go off of fortnite and play Minecraft for three hours until my sister and mom got home. Then I had pizza and after that apple pie.  It was amazing. Then I played some more minecraft, then more fortnite. Then, I went to bed.